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The TruthMark®

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Businesses whose reviews have been independently and rigorously analysed for authenticity by the TruthEngine® can showcase the integrity of their reviews by displaying the TruthMark®

Clearly Compliant Reviews - Benefits to Businesses

Post Covid-19, public awareness of fake news and inauthentic information in the public domain is at an all time high.

Companies whose reviews meet and exceed the TruthEngine’s strict authenticity standards get to display the TruthMark® - our instantly-recognisable symbol of compliance and brand integrity.

Independent research has shown that reviews which have been independently verified for authenticity garner higher engagement and click through rates (in some cases over 100% higher)

Benefits to Customers

Shoppers who see a business displaying the TruthMark® can see at a glance that the reviews they’re reading have been thoroughly and independently-authenticated by a trusted third party. They immediately realise that they can trust what they’re reading and our research shows this confidence translates into higher engagement, greater propensity to transact and higher basket values.

The TruthMark® - A Clear Message for Press and Regulators

Lawmakers, regulators and journalists who see a brand displaying the TruthMark® see an ethical and transparent business who has engaged a neutral third-party intermediary to independently authenticate their digital reputation. They can see immediately that this brand is DMCC-compliant and is taking the requisite steps to conform to the 2024 Digital Markets Competition and Consumers Act.

Avoid Huge Fines and Showcase Your Ethics

Get in touch today to find out how using the TruthEngine® and displaying the TruthMark® we can quickly and easily free you from the risks of huge fines and public backlash.

Remember: Over 1 in 3 reviews are now fake. Being caught with fake reviews could have catastrophic long-term consequences for your business.

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