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About Us

The TruthEngine® is the world’s first fully-independent cross-platform fake review detection system. It is the result of nearly 4 years’ work by a team of 21 people based in the UK.

We have built a fully-functioning fake review detection system which uses artificial intelligence to authenticate reviews on major platforms including Apple, Google, Amazon, TrustPilot, TripAdvisor and more.

5 years ago, 1 in 16 reviews were fake. Right now it’s 1 in 3.

Attitudes are changing. As is the law.

Whilst undoubtedly immoral, there are currently no specific UK laws preventing businesses faking their reviews. Knowingly buying fake reviews breaches current consumer protection laws but these laws are flexible, principle-based, and are sparsely enforced.

Unscrupulous businesses have been taking advantage of this grey area by using bots and review farms to artificially inflate the reviews of their apps and products.

The upcoming 2024 Digital Markets, Competition & Consumers Act will make this illegal.

The DMCC Act will be punitive but is currently little-known and under-publicised. Within 6 months, companies will have to be able to prove that they don’t fake their reviews and those who get caught will be fined up to 10% of global turnover.

Fake negative reviews are growing at twice the rate of fake positives.

As some business’ star ratings approach 4.99, there is an alarming trend for these dishonest companies to use their new-found superpowers against their competition. The number of fake negative reviews being used is growing at twice the rate of the fake positives. We know all too well the negative effects of review bombing having been the victims of an orchestrated and deeply-harmful negative review campaign on a previous project.

The TruthEngine® is our response!

The TruthEngine® Mission

Whether we like it or not, we’re all being affected by the rapidly-growing number of fake reviews. Every year millions of people waste their hard-earned money and our planet’s precious resources on substandard or even dangerous products and services which they wouldn’t have bought had they known the reviews were fake.

In 2021, the World Economic Forum estimated that this waste cost the public over $150 Billion.

Review fakery is sophisticated, widespread and carefully-designed to be impossible to spot by eye.

Our mission is simple:

Anywhere you see this logo you can buy with confidence knowing that the business displaying this logo has had their reviews thoroughly audited and deeply analysed and that finally, you can trust what you are reading.

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