We are making fake reviews a thing of the past

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About us

We are a 20-person British AI technology company based in London. We have built an algorithm that can assess the authenticity of reviews, with a high degree of accuracy, worldwide and at scale.

Review fakery is a pervasive problem that is growing rapidly. The public is being misled and manipulated and genuine brands don’t enjoy a level playing field.

Our Mission

We want to make fake reviews a thing of the past.

Review fakery is sophisticated and is carefully-designed to be impossible to spot by eye. Whether we like it or not, we’re all being influenced by the rapidly-growing number of fake reviews. Every year millions of people waste their money, time and our planet’s precious resources on substandard products and services.

In 2021, the World Economic Forum estimated that this waste cost the public over $150 Billion.

Our aim is to address this problem at source and solve it at scale.


Our core Algorithm

The TruthEngine® is a fully-functioning fake review detection system.

It uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect suspicious reviews and extract sentiment, meaning, and trends from the trustworthy reviews.

Picture of computer code that makes up our algorithm


A symbol of trust in an age of fakery

The TruthMark™ is a mark of authenticity that honest businesses can place on their website and in their printed collateral that shows the world they do not fake or manipulate their reviews.

TruthEngine® Restaurants

A world first

Our algorithm has indexed tens of millions of reviews from restaurants across the United Kingdom from multiple sources, right back to 2005. It can detect sentiment as well as identify suspicious patterns that commonly occur in reviews that are fake. Fake reviews are down-weighted and the remaining reviews are analysed and given an overall score between 1-100.

Our database currently covers restaurants in the United Kingdom and will soon expand to cover all review-driven sectors, such as hotels, leisure and more.

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