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The TruthEngine®

What is the TruthEngine®?

The TruthEngine® is the world’s first truly independent, cross-platform, fake review detection system. It detects fake reviews on all major review platforms including Amazon, Apple, Google (Places & App Store), Opentable, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot and more.

How Does it work?

The TruthEngine® uses highly-sophisticated Artificial Intelligence to detect the presence of fake reviews. It works automatically, remotely and at scale (with no installation required).

The methods that businesses use to fake their reviews (and interfere with those of their competitors) differ from case to case and from sector to sector. Some businesses use their friends, family and staff to fake reviews, whilst others use professional reviews fakers.

Historically, the people enlisted to fake the reviews would use relatively low-tech methods such as templates, partial duplication of existing reviews, or even borrowing their rivals’ reviews. With the advent of generative A.I. such as ChatGPT, review fakery has become quicker, easier and even more ubiquitous.

Fake reviews have always been designed to be hard to spot by eye, particularly at the individual review level. As the volume and sophistication of fake reviews has increased, ‘by-eye detection’ has become borderline impossible.

Our Solution:

The content of the review itself is undoubtedly an important part of the equation and the TruthEngine® meticulously analyses and cross-references each and every new review, as they are added. Of more importance however is the pattern of the fakery, the timing, the mechanisms employed and fingerprints the manipulation leaves behind.

The TruthEngine® is the world’s first fully independent review authentication platform. It has been purpose-built from the ground up over a 4 year period by a team of 21 engineers, designers and PhDs to solve this specific problem.

Our clients’ reviews are automatically authenticated every 20 minutes. Reviews which meet our strict authenticity standards are awarded the TruthMark®. Those which don’t are embargoed and sent for removal.

The TruthMark® - A clear sign of compliance.

Review fakery has always been immoral, but until recently it has not been illegal. Unscrupulous businesses looking for competitive advantage have been exploiting this legal loophole and as we write, over 1 in 3 reviews are now fake.

Legislators worldwide have woken up to the scale and severity of the problem and laws are coming in the UK, EU, USA in 2024 which will make it illegal for businesses to fake their reviews and for review platforms to host them.

Whilst the specific legislative implementations differ from market to market, the principles are the same; customers deserve to read genuine reviews and the businesses being reviewed (and the review platforms hosting the reviews) will need to be able to prove that the reviews are genuine, unadulterated and authentic.

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