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The TruthEngine®

The TruthEngine® is the world’s first independent cross-platform fake review detection system. It uses cutting-edge A.I to detect fake reviews in the 11-most spoken languages on earth on all major platforms (including Amazon, Google, Apple & TrustPilot). It works automatically, remotely and at scale (with no installation required).

TruthEngine customers’ reviews are automatically audited every 20 minutes and are rigorously and meticulously analysed for signs of positive or negative manipulation.

Reviews which meet our strict authenticity standards are awarded the TruthMark®. Those which don’t are embargoed and queued for removal.

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The TruthMark®


Companies whose reviews meet and exceed the TruthEngine®’s strict authenticity standards get to display the TruthMark® - our instantly-recognisable symbol of compliance and brand integrity.


Shoppers who see a brand proudly displaying the TruthMark® recognise that the reviews they are reading have been thoroughly and independently-authenticated by a trusted third party. They understand they can trust what they’re reading and independent research shows this confidence translates into higher engagement, greater propensity to transact and higher basket values.

Press and Regulators

Regulators and journalists who see a brand displaying the TruthMark see an ethical and transparent business who has engaged a neutral intermediary to independently authenticate their digital reputation. They can see immediately that this brand is DMCC-compliant and is taking the requisite steps to conform to the 2024 Digital Markets Competition and Consumers Act.

More about the TruthMark®

Why use the TruthEngine?

Faking Reviews Is About to Become Illegal

The Digital Markets Competition & Consumer Act act, due Summer 2024, will make it illegal for a business or individual in the UK to fake their reviews. It will also make it illegal for review platforms to host them.

Similar legislation is coming in the EU, US and elsewhere around the world during 2024.

Businesses Will Need to Be Able to Prove Their Reviews Aren't Fake

In the UK, the Department of Business & Trade (DBT) published enforcement guidance which the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) are expected to closely follow when enforcing the upcoming Digital Markets Competition and Consumers Act.

To Comply, Companies Must Have Procedures in Place to:

  • Detect suspicious reviews
  • Remove fake reviews
  • Allow consumers to report suspicious reviews
  • Proactively assess the risk of consumers being exposed to fake reviews
  • Regularly evaluate their fake review monitoring policies and processes

The TruthEngine® is Fully DMCC-Ready

The TruthEngine® is the world’s first fully independent fake review detection system. It can automatically authenticate reviews on every major platform including Apple, Amazon, Google, TripAdvisor, TrustPilot & more. It meets and exceeds every requirement of the DMCC Act.

Why display the TruthMark®?

The TruthMark® Advantage:

Showcase your integrity and prove to regulators and the public that your reviews are both trustworthy, genuine and legally-compliant.


Position yourself ahead of impending UK & Global regulations and safeguard your brand from potential financial penalties and public backlash.

Fake Reviews - Doing Nothing is Not an Option

In under 6 months, the CMA will gain sweeping new powers to clamp down on fake reviews. The 2024 Digital Media Competition and Consumers Act will make review fakery illegal and it will apply to businesses of all sizes and to any site which hosts reviews.

To comply, companies must have procedures in place to detect & remove suspicious reviews, ways for consumers to report suspicious reviews and they’ll need to able to demonstrate they’re proactively assessing the risk of their customers being exposed to fake reviews.

The TruthEngine is the World’s first independent review authentication system. Get in touch today to find out how we can safeguard your brand from public backlash and punitive fines.