Fake Review Detection

Technology for Governments and Regulators

Fake reviews are written to fool consumers, but they have a much harder time fooling the TruthEngine®. According to a study published in 2020, *only 57% of consumers could detect a fake review while algorithms had a much better time, spotting up to 96%.

If you want to spot the worst review-fakers - and do it at scale - an algorithmic tool is essential.

TruthEngine® is a fully-functioning fake review detection system. It works remotely, at scale and independently. It can use Google, TrustPilot, Amazon, TripAdvisor, OpenTable or reviews in CSV format. It uses proprietary artificial intelligence to automatically detect suspicious reviews.

We can provide regulators with a robust way to detect fake reviews to a high degree of accuracy that needs no installation or configuration.

TruthEngine® can help regulators to:

  • Identify which businesses are faking their reviews (and do this at scale)
  • Detect which platforms host fake reviews
  • Enforce the legislation using robust and exhaustive evidence
  • Rebuild faith in reviews
  • Protect consumers from unscrupulous practices

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