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Fake Review Detection for Regulators

Over 1 in 3 reviews are currently fake. By the end of next year, half will be.

Businesses use fake positive reviews to boost their sales and fake negatives to harm their competitors’.

The 2024 DMCC Act will make it illegal for businesses to fake their reviews and for sites to host them.

The TruthEngine® is the world’s first fully independent fake review detection system. We detect fake reviews with precision and at scale on all major review platforms worldwide.

How It Works:

Step 1:

Step 2:

The TruthEngine® retrieves every review for that brand from:

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and many more…

Step 3:

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View the results using our online dashboard

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Or pull the data into your systems using our API

Our Services:

Sector, Vertical & Multi-Client Analysis

Detailed analysis of single brands, multiple businesses or entire verticals.

Fully-Managed Service Option

Full or Partial-outsource options available. UK-based team | 24/7 availability.

Modular API-Based System Architecture

Bi-Directional API - Send us suspect reviews, we’ll return forensic results.

Middleware / Data Warehousing

Fully modular system architecture. Highly-flexible custom integration options.

Multi-Language / International Analysis

The TruthEngine® is cross-sector, multi-language and works worldwide.

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Fake Review Detection

The TruthEngine® is the world’s first fully independent review authentication platform. It has been purpose-built from the ground up over a 4 year period by a team of 21 engineers and PhDs to accurately detect fake reviews at scale.

Our clients’ reviews are automatically authenticated every 20 minutes. Reviews which meet our strict authenticity standards are awarded the TruthMark®.

Genuine Review Authentication

Shoppers who see a business proudly displaying the TruthMark® can see at a glance that the reviews they are reading have been thoroughly and independently-authenticated by a trusted third party and meet the requirements of the DMCC Act.

Independent research shows this confidence translates into higher engagement, greater propensity to transact and fewer returns.

Fake reviews are written to fool consumers, but they have a much harder time fooling the TruthEngine®. According to a study published in 2020, only 57% of consumers could detect a fake review while algorithms had a much better time, spotting up to 96%.

If you want to spot the worst review-fakers - and do it at scale - an algorithmic tool is essential.

TruthEngine® is a fully-functioning fake review detection system. It works remotely, at scale and independently. It works on Apple, Google, TrustPilot, Amazon, TripAdvisor, OpenTable and more and also accepts reviews in CSV or by API.

We can provide regulators with a robust way to detect fake reviews to a high degree of accuracy that needs no installation or configuration.

TruthEngine® can help regulators to:

  • Identify which businesses are faking their reviews (and do this at scale)
  • Detect which platforms host fake reviews
  • Enforce the legislation using robust and exhaustive evidence
  • Rebuild trust in reviews
  • Protect consumers from unscrupulous practices

Find out more about brand protection and how the TruthMark® can help protect your business

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