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Patisserie Les 3 Chocolat


Café, Dessert, European, French · ££ – £££

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Why no stars?

In a nutshell

Patisserie Les 3 Chocolat is one of the best restaurants in Kingston-Upon-Thames.

However, please proceed with caution because the food hygiene rating is only 3/5!

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  • 0 Patisserie Les 3 Chocolat reviews found since 2019

    110 from Google

    52 from TripAdvisor

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  • 21 (or 13%) are unusual
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  • 37 (or 23%) are High-Quality

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Food Hygiene

  • 3 out of 5 FSA Rating.

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Last inspected 05.10.2021

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Patisserie Les 3 Chocolat

Café, Dessert, European, French

££ – £££

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