The Stockbridge Restaurant


British, European, Scottish · ££££

54 St Stephen Street · Get Directions

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The Stockbridge Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh (City of).

We noticed a lot of suspicious activity associated with this restaurant.

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  • 0 The Stockbridge Restaurant reviews found since 2006

    1,195 from OpenTable

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  • 337 are from Burner Accounts
  • 336 (or 25%) are Positive Burners

  • 3 (or 0.2%) are Negative Burners

  • 37 (or 3%) are unusual
  • 48 computer-generated reviews detected

  • 4 duplicate reviews detected

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  • 252 (or 18%) are High-Quality

  • 12% of those are from Verified Reviewers

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Last inspected 13.11.2018

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The Stockbridge Restaurant

54 St Stephen Street, EH3 5AL

British, European, Scottish


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